Hair Loss in Women

Family History and the Risk of Hair Loss

DNA-Family History and the Risk of Hair Loss-RHRLI-June-2019
It’s the question most men ask – how much does family history affect hair loss?

Hair loss happens to both men and women for a variety of reasons. The most common form around the world is androgenetic alopecia. That’s the reason more than 50 million people in the United States alone are affected by hair loss. One out of every three men has some degree of this type of hair loss by the time they’re 35.
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Hair Protection Tips for Summer

Woman with beautiful hair in the summer
People think of summer tans and swimming affecting the skin. Summer can also take a toll on your hair.


How Summer Can Hurt Your Hair

  • The hot sun dries out hair just like everything else.
  • Sunburned scalp can be painful.
  • People assume hair protects the scalp but that’s not necessarily the case, and people dealing with hair loss have special concerns.
  • Summer humidity can make hair lifeless and limp.
  • Hot weather leads to sweating, which can contribute to problems like hair being frizzy, dandruff, and split ends.
  • Dry feeling summer hair can lead to over-conditioning, which can also make hair limp.
  • Chlorine from swimming pools can dry hair and affect processed color.
  • Saltwater from the ocean can also increase the dryness of your hair.
  • Colored hair fades faster in the sun and some experts warn that hair can burn and turn brownish.
  • Sunscreen can leave greasiness near the hairline.

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Trans Women, HRT, and Hair Loss

Trans Women and Hair LossWhen preparing to transition, trans women have to consider many health factors, such as how hormone replacement therapy (HRT) might affect other medications they’re taking or existing health conditions, but androgenetic alopecia, also commonly referred to as “male pattern baldness”, often isn’t at the top of the list. Despite that, hormone-treated transgender women and hair loss can be complicated.
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Hair Loss and the British Royal Family

Prince Harry's Hair

Hair Loss and the British Royal Family

The recent birth of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s first child is placing the couple back in the spotlight, and with it, mentions of Prince Harry’s hair loss. For a time, it looked like the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana might have avoided the hair loss that affects other male members of the royal family, but photos from his 2018 wedding revealed a thinning spot in the back of his crown area.
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Bariatric Surgery and Hair Loss

Bariatric Surgery and Hair LossThere are many reasons why RHRLI treats hair loss, and one reason is related to obesity. Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the obesity rate among adults is 39.8 percent or about 93.3 million Americans. Obesity boosts a patient’s chances of having heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. As of 2008, the last year we have statistics for, obesity costs the US $147 billion. [Read more…] about Bariatric Surgery and Hair Loss

Facts About Hair Loss Vs Myths About Hair Loss

a male looking up towards his baldish head pondering his hair lossThere’s no getting around it. We worry about our hair constantly. We worry about how it looks. Is it too long or too short? We wonder if we’re wearing the right hairstyle. We fret about hair products we use. And if you think your hair might be thinning, most people begin to get really concerned. We hear all sorts of stories about hair loss and very often it’s difficult to determine what’s true and what isn’t. RHRLI knows it’s important for our patients to understand the truth about their hair loss.

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Does the Keto Diet Cause Hair Loss?

Keto Diet and Hair Loss

Over the last few decades, low carb diets have been quite popular. You’ve probably heard about the Atkins diet or the keto diet. Both of these programs are based on the proposition that you will lose weight by limiting your intake of carbohydrates. But there are those who believe you might be losing more than just weight if you are following the keto diet. There are those who believe that the regimen also causes you to lose hair. At Robotic Hair Restoration of Long Island, we know that there are a lot of factors that can impact healthy hair. We also understand that many of you are looking for a healthy solution to hair loss.

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Can Pregnancy Affect My Hair?

Pregnant woman in white looking at her hair.

It’s hard to think anything that’s more life-changing than a pregnancy. You’re bringing a new life into the world and if all goes according to plan, you will be carrying a child for nine months. You also have to get ready for the delivery and prepare your living space and nursery. On top of all of this, there’s all sorts of side effects and conditions related to pregnancy. Everything from moodiness and bloating to changes in your appetite can occur, according to the Mayo Clinic. But how does it affect your hair? You may have heard stories of hair growth and you may have also heard about hair loss related to pregnancy. RHRLI wants to help you sort the truth from myth.

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How Women Should Prepare For Hair Restoration

Woman looking in mirror concerned about thinning hair.

It’s an unfortunate fact that when people think about hair loss, more often than not, they think of cases involving men. But many women do suffer from hair loss and they want information and solutions the same way men do. There are difficulties that women encounter that are different from men and that’s one of the reasons why RHRLI believes in individual consultations for all of our patients. But the revolutionary permanent solution we offer can help both men and women.

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